Both Groups or 1 group?

Many of our readers have this question, whether they should write one group or both the groups. Be it the CA, CS, CWA or any other exam offering such a facility.

Here is a checklist which our experts have prepared based on their experience of appearing and succeeding in the exams.

  1. Know thyself – The first and foremost principle of the same is whether you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. If you have been above average in studies and are able to study atleast for 12-14 hours a day CONTINUOUSLY for the last 2 months before exam, then you can think of appearing in both groups.
  2. Do a simple math – How many hours would you like to devote to a subject for revision or course completion. Atleast 2 hours on an average during the last 1 month before exam. For 1 group it comes to average of 8 hours and for 2 groups, its 16 hours!! Can you put in that much effort.
  3. Which and how many are your pet subjects – We all like to read and like few subjects – Accounts, tax, costing or FM. Identify your pet subjects and see how strong you have become in them during the course of your graduation, articleship or coaching. If you have fairly decent (minimum 2 pet subjects in each group, then you can think of appearing in both together. You need to like a subject to be able to read it and master it, specially for the final level exams.
  4. Have you covered 1 to be able to cover 2nd – Lets agree that until you can be sure of passing 1 group, you should not think of the other. This is very basic, if you master half of group 1 and half of 2, leaving the other subjects untouched, you CANT pass. Hence, you must be at a very comfortable level for any one group before you think of the other.
  5. Planning and implementation is different – We are not suggesting that you dont plan to take both groups, what we are saying is that you plan, but during the course of preparation, keep assessing yourself. At the last stage (atleast a month before), please decide whether you want to go with both or 1.
  6. You study for yourself – Dont attempt both groups or 1 group only because your friends are doing so. Do so, if you have analysed your preparation. Exams are not fads where you have copy your friends.

We wish you all the very best. If you have any more queries or need any guidance, do stop by at the FORUM on our website



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The tension is building up..

Hmm..well what to say, this is the fact. With the God of all exams, the big mightly, ever surprising CAT is approaching fast, what else can happen.

Well not really..a lot. We are not kids and this is not the first exam of our life or even the first IMPORATANT exam..we have been used to giving boards, college entrance exams, interviews and some of have even given many job this is nothing new. that you feel a little ok and less nervous, you may go through the following tips on what to do in these last few days..I mean before the exams: 🙂

  1. Keep those books aside – Yes, you have had enough time to go through them and hence they and you also need to take some rest.
  2. Practice the question papers – Just go through the question papers – possibly only 2 each day till about 2 days before your CAT. This will help to be reasonable regarding your speed and accuracy and ensure that you are able to maintain a fine balance.
  3. Read notes – Just go through those tough vocab words which you forget often, or the quant formuli and go through the various reasoning kind of questions to ensure they lie somewhere in your mind. No need to mug up anything more. Its just to ensure that you dont forget what you already know. Visit for quick revision videos and notes..
  4. Know your weakness – By now you must be clear on the topics / areas where you are let them be. No need to mug up more or practice further on them. There are enough choices in CAT and hence even by leaving this difficult area you would be able to make it.
  5. Enjoy the process – Feel light hearted and not burdened. There is no course for CAT. Its pretty generic stuff, which you ahve revised already and have taken enough mock tests also. Your mind needs to be at peace before you take this crucial test and hence relax.

If you still have any query ..catch us on our facebook account of winning notes..

Good luck and God bless!



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Quant Notes on Indices and Surds

Friends, with the CAT approaching fast, we hope that your preparations rather revisions would have ended..but you must be wondering how to revise the syllabus in the last few days.. To help you with quick revision, we thought of providing you some notes on Quant..for they are do let us know your views on the same:


  1. Indices
    1. If xN is given then x is the base and N is the index or power or exponent
    2. A3 means A multiplied with itself 3 times i.e. A x A x A
    3. A p X a q = a (p+q)
    4. A p / a q = a (p-q)
    5. (A p)q = A pq
    6. A –p = 1 / Ap
    7. p√a = a 1/p i.e. pth root of a
    8. (ab)p=ap x bp
    9. A0 = 1 (provided a ≠0)
    10.  A1 = a
    11. A mn = a p, where p = mn ie. A raised to the base m raised to the power
    12. If a p = b p, then if p is ≠0, then a = b, if p is odd and [a = b or a = (-b) if p is even]
    13. If a p = a q and a ≠ 0 or -1, then p = q
    14. A -1 = 1/A
    15. (A/B)-1 = B/A
    16.  (A)m/n = (n√A)m
    17.  √A X √B = √(AB)


  1. Surds
    1. They are irrational numbers
    2. When an irrational number is simplified, the remainder which cannot be simplified and is normally expressed in the form of square root is called a surd.
    3. Normally for exam questions, number whose square root cannot be further found out as a perfect rational number are surds. 4 is not a surd, as square-root of 4 is 2, where 2 is a surd as square root of 2 is 1.414… which is not a rational number.
    4. To solve simplification problems regarding surds, square the numbers
    5. For 1 / (p + √q) or 1 / (p + √q + √r) kind of problems, to simplify, multiply by the conjugate, which is (p – √q) or (- p + √q) for 1st case and (p + √q – √r) or (p – √q + √r) for the 2nd case
    6.  = .555555 hence, whenever in a decimal form there is a repeated number; a dot is mentioned over it.

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Way to greatness

Friends, we had 2 very sad news in the past week – two great personalities Steve Jobs and Jagjeet Singh left us.

Both have mesmerised the world through their deeds and have left us with great lessons for greatness:

  1. Dedication – Both Steve and Jagjeet were extremely dedicated to the kind of work that they did. They had an undying hunger to make the products and the songs that they were associated with respectively, as the best.
  2. Love – They both showed us that if you love something truely, you can achieve it or get it for sure. Both had suffered irreplacable personal losses in their lives, yet the love for their work kept them going on and on.

 Ultimately both reached a place where they will be remembered for many more years to come We am sure there are many more lessons to learn from their lives… but for now we’ll leave you with these thoughts and pray that God gives peace to their souls!

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